Fingerhut Review 2016

Fingerhut Review 2016

Fingerhut Review 2016 Fingerhut Review 2016 – I decided to do a Review of Fingerhut because of how good they have been to me and my experience with them.

Ive probably known or had Fingerhut in the past since the late 90s. I had two experiences during that time. One is I believe I had my own account and another is someone created an account in my name, which that was probably later after 2005.

Anyway recently, as of 2013, with my terrible credit they had approved me. It was a relief. So for my first on credit purchase I decided to get Playboy Queen Mini Comforter set, which came with a comforter and two pillow cases. I paid it off slowly every month.

Then I didnt purchase anything again until 2015,  which was a tablet for my brother. A Digital2 Pad Plus 7″ 8GB Android Tablet as an early Christmas present. That also took me a few months to pay off. During the time I did not buy anything they had increased my spending limit.

After I finally paid that off and was obsessed with making smoothies with my Nutribullet, I decided to purchase more cups through Fingerhut this year (2016). The set I bought was Magic Bullet NutriBullet 5-Pc. Deluxe Upgrade Kit. I also purchased a Nutribullet Lean but that is another story 😀

Anyway all through my time with Fingerhut they must have increased my credit limit at least 4 times if not more. I just recently got another increase as well.

The awesome news about Fingerhut is because of them I was able to increase my terrible credit score and obtain some credit from other sources. 🙂

If you have bad credit or no credit I do recommend a starter with Fingerhut.

Disclaimer: Fingerhut will do a hard check on your credit report and lower it by some points, but if you are good with your Fingerhut you can and will increase your credit score in time. 🙂 – check your credit score and reports for free






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