Donald Trump President Elect 2016

Donald Trump Republican Donald Trump won the President Elect 2016 against Hilary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein.

Personally, I was not in favor of neither candidate Democrat Hilary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump but part of me was rooting for Hilary. I had no intention on voting nor did I. I thought I initially was registered but it turns out I wasnt.

The 2008 and 2012 Presidential Election I voted for Barack Obama when I was registered to vote when I lived in Utah. I dont consider myself a Republican or a Democrat, because I am ProLife and ProGun. I think Im more right down the middle. Although I sometimes lean more Democrat.

I am very disappointed Prop 205 (Legalization of Recreational Marijuana) did not pass in the state of AZ. But AZ is very much a Republican state much to my surprise and dismay. But I heard that it wasnt a good initiative anyway and they would not decriminalize marijuana.

In the state of AZ though they did pass increasing the minimum wage and some other thing to help the schools. See how involved I am? LOL! The only thing I was mostly even least bit interested was passing Prop 205 and who our president was going to be.

I wasnt too involved in the election and frankly tired of hearing about it. Even after the fact. Donald Trump is our president, we hope he does a good job and get over it. That simple.

I heard though and I doubt its true that he (Trump) is trying to take back America from the “Elite” but its kind of hard to do that when you are part of the Elite. I also heard that the protestors after the Election were paid protestors, that I do believe though as happened on other occasions as well.

I am however totally against deportation and building a stupid wall from Mexico.

I do like the idea his wife wants to stop bullying/cyber bullying. I also just recently learned he will leave the same sex marriage alone but he wants to do something about abortion. I thought that was interesting.

Who knows he could turn out to be a good president. Not to sound too cynical but very rarely is it about the people and more about helping themselves. Hilary too. Because they all have their own agenda.

We’ll see.