December 2016 Update

December 2016 Update Yes time for my latest quarterly Update. Well this year has proven to be interesting so far. Personally life has been ok.

Business wise Im looking to get traffic to build my business so Ive been focusing on that.

In October I made good money with Swagbucks and build a Business Blog again. But November I lost sight and focused on traffic and didnt make as much.

In November I also started marketing Enviralizer along side myEcon and Swagbucks. So now for December Im just trying to focus on doing Swagbucks and traffic for Enviralizer and myEcon and January I want to max out my eBay listings. 

So Ive been a busy bee business wise but now Ive been neglecting my health. So I need to try to find a balance in January.

I really want to be successful with Enviralizer so it can help build my main business and other programs so Ive been focusing really hard on it for traffic and everything else. The income potential is amazing and ANYONE can do it.

Thats all for now. See you next year 🙂