2016 Year in Review

2016 Year in Review

2016 Year In Review I really dont have much to say about 2016, personally the year was kind of a blur except for when I moved to Arizona.

I started up my eBay, Swagbucks, myEcon and currently Enviralizer.


Which I am promoting all or working simultaneously right now. Last year my goal was to post  on this blog JackiesRamblings.com  every single day and I stuck to it, even though I ultimately decided to NOT try to make an income from this blog. I will NOT be blogging everyday here (like I did in 2016)  nor at my new business blog.

The last few days of December 2016 my crappy 2gb laptop decided to die on me, so I decided to buy another that is 10x better and will be arriving today.

My focus for 2017 will be to create an consistent revenue from working online and creating multiple streams of income.

I love Blogging so of course I will continue to blog as well when I feel the need to discuss or inspired to on both JackiesRamblings.com and MakeMoneywithGPT.com. I may have an additional company blog, I have not decided yet. I have been down that road before.

My only goals personally for 2017 is to continue going to Church and Bible study, exercise and eat plant based and limit my processed food intake.

Happy 2017! 😀