Hello February 2017 Update

Well, already two months into the new year, still just focusing on my main business Enviralizer but still want to keep up with eBay and Swagbucks and I also started a new business Endless Xpressions where I sell Leggings, Bags, Fudge, Jewelry, etc

Im def trying to improve my network marketing skills, I have been listening to a lot of Ray Higdon and looking to improve my Instagram and Facebook page skills as well for my Endless Xpressions business…

Mostly for my main business I want to focus still on calling and text leads, especially my aged leads since I have tens of thousands of those.

Im also working on my very first online course as well, I also surprised myself and realized theres a niche for it and I will be the guinea pig and do all the trial and error for it to make it a success for other people to use and reasonably priced as well.

Ive seen other courses that are not very well put together so I want to make sure mine will be thorough and with enough information to use and steps to take. Not sure how long it will take me but it will take some time because I want it done right.

I believe after Valentines Day, I decided to reactivate my online dating accounts, after being single for around 8+ years I think its time again, so I reactivated my Tagged and Plenty of Fish Accounts. Although I dont like dating at all. I would rather meet someone in person but I dont get out much as it is.

I also really want to start exercising again, I purchased a Zumba kit last year and my daughter loves to play tennis so I am going to try to get us both active on those fronts.

I also need to eventually go to the doctor again, Ive just been so preoccupied with other things going on that havent had a chance. I also havent been eating like I should neither so I need to get back to do doing that as well.

Nothing else is really new…till next time…