Staycation 2017

Staycation 2017

Every year my daughter and I take an annual staycation at a local hotel. The only difference is this year we were able to take a 2 day staycation. 😀

We ended up staying at Days Inn and Suites. There was a minor situation and was resolved with an additional queen (which we always have 2 one for myself and one for my daughter) but I was surprised since this queen bed came with its own room! So it didnt workout as well since the TV was only in the living room. But we enjoyed it anyway. 🙂

IT also had a fridge and microwave as well. Which worked out since we brought a lot of snacks for the two days.

We found a local Mexican store and taco place and ate there and now since then we hit it up every couple of weeks to eat. Carniceria el Vaquero.

Here is what I posted my review on TripAdvisor:

Alma was a great front desk agent and very accommodating
The pool though was ice ice cold, I was hyperventilating and told my daughter not to come in…  
The continental breakfast was ok
Some of the outlets didnt work
Near a fabulous authentic Mexican takeout which we ate at both nights
Internet/Data issues
Would we stay there again? Yes, even with its issues.
Surprised 2nd Queen bed had its own bedroom, which we didnt have to pay extra for…
Had fridge and microwave which was nice and a full bathroom

We rented Moana, Suicide Squad and The Secret Life of Pets from Redbox (which I heard has the same story line as Toy Story my daughter said) and did…Moana was great. Suicide Squad wayyy too hyped up and ended up being a major disappointment. The Secret Life of Pets was great too.

On the Cox cable they had we watched Friends, Fresh Prince and The Simpsons mostly.

It was nice to get away especially for two nights. The next place we plan to stay at is The Hilton. 🙂