Happy 35th Birthday to Me

Today is my 35th birthday, its been a little over a year since we moved to AZ. My cake is of course PINK (favorite color) its a strawberry white cake from Frys Bakery.

I typically get Strawberry Boston Cakes but I cant seem to find them anymore? With the Bavarian cream in the middle. I like all strawberry cakes though and this was really good with whipped frosting and loved the red roses on it since I am a huge fan of red roses (such a cliche I know) . But I am really drawn to them.

Ive always been into basketball, not to watch it but play it, even before I played basketball I always thought it was a fun sport, but I have a memory of when I was in Job Corps and we had to play on a team for basketball, I have never had so much fun ever!

I also remember in our neighborhood, the neighborhood boys would have a basketball hoop and play it and how I always wished I had one, well finally at 35 years old I have my own basketball hoop! 😀

I have already played it a couple of times yesterday, my legs are so sore so Ill probably be playing again tomorrow 🙂

Before I got this planner, I use a basic 8×11 $10 Planner, which is functional but doesnt cover all my needs…today on my birthday I finally got it in the mail!!! Its called the HighAchieversPlaybook.com

Inside there is Personal Development suggestions, Goals, a section of To Do List for Business and Personal plus Activity towards my business I have done today, a check box for Personal Development, Contacts made, water, Follow ups done etc…I LOVE IT! Its 90 days worth!!

Today my birthday is a really relaxed and great day. 🙂