May 2017 Update

Hello Everyone! Time for my quarterly update. I redid my blog (this one), the theme was getting old and driving me crazy. I also removed pretty much everything from my blog as well. So its more clean and fresh. Once I can I plan to change the logo because its just old now…I need a new style.

Im also trying to form better blog habits of using free stock images vs google images (shame, shame).

Anyway my update. Still working on my businesses – Endless Xpressions on IG, Enviralizer Texting Leads and Swagbucks doing SB stuff. Plus trying to get work done on my branding blog (which I plan to change the logo later as well)

I kind of feel like Im going through a transition right now so I dont really have much to say. Ive been focusing on my mindset, trying to get my head on straight for success and just celebrated my 35th birthday today as well.

So not much is really happening except my baby will be going to high school next year and just going to enjoy the Summer.  🙂