Shameless TV Show Review (Spoilers)

Shameless TV Show Review (Spoilers)

shamless tv show review Originally I never wanted to watch Shameless because I really didnt think it would be something I liked. Most TV and movies nowadays I avoid because of their superficial behavior, forced humor and dumbing down plots. But, in this case I was tired of hearing about it, was available on Netflix and nothing else sounded good to watch at the time. I had just finished Greys Anatomy spin off Private Practice and was looking for something a little bit more different.

Well, it was different and actually something I would watch. 😀 Per Wikipedia the show is about “The series depicts the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six children. While he spends his days drunk or in search of misadventures, his kids learn to take care of themselves.”

Frank, IMO isnt that bad, one episode hes like “I accept you all for all who you are, why cant you do the same?” I agree. My favorite part of the whole series was how they all had different ways of making money depending on what was going on at the moment and how last season Fiona finally quit finding men to fuck with and thought “omg I have ambition” and first bought a dry cleaners and then at the end of the season she sold the dry cleaners and bought an apartment building. My whole life revolves around Entrepreneurship so this excited me immensely! 😀

shameless tv show review My favorite character of the whole series was Mickey. As badass and hardcore he was and wanted to be, he was the most sensitive character of them all and how he loved Ian just made me so happy. He also always wanted to save him (Ian) from his own troubles (with drugs, sex and being bipolar) by bailing him out.

The first maybe 2-3 seasons I liked Fiona, I really did and initially my thought was FINALLY a main character who doesnt annoy me, oh boy was I wrong….between her boyfriend(s) drama and whining I just wanted her to STFU.

Thats all, cant wait for Season 8 next year. 🙂