New World Order Updates

New World Order Updates

new world order updates
new world order updates

Just going to lay it out there for all the new frequent things that are bringing us closer to the NWO. Will be updated with dates on the same post. Read the Bible, Pray and Prepare

Edit 7/10/17: My own Truther FB Page Tru Justice Anonymous

My Favorite Truther Sources:
Killuminati Soldiers of Truth (FB Page) (blog)
Jason A (YouTube Channel)

Others I deem false truthers until I come across more legit sources these are it and my favorite or if they share legit info.

My Blog Tag Posts for NWO

Source: The Bible – Book of Revelation

Proof of Source:

Free Internet for the World  

June 26th 2017 Anonymous Says NASA has Evidence of Alien Life. Does It?

June 24th 2017 How Big is Bitcoin, Really? This Chart Puts it all in Perspective

Update 7/22/17June 19th 2017 Accenture, Microsoft team up on blockchain-based digital ID network

June 14th 2017  Worlds Top Religious Leaders Issue Rare Joint Appeal

March 30th 2017 1.12 Billion Indians have Aadhaar numbers by Now – Heres how Modi Govt Plans to Sign up the Rest


Ultimate Goal: Agenda 2030

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
“We The People” for The Global Goals

In variation this is what to most likely expect: The United Nations 2030 Agenda Decoded

My Personal Opinion in a nutshell: Aliens or Alien will be the AntiChrist. Bitcoin/RFID chip will be the new One World Currency. Martial Law. Living in Compact Cities and taking Public Transportation.

To be Continued….

Update 7/22/17 – New Link added. Note: I only add MAJOR updates.

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