From 4H County Fair to Slaughter House

Credit: Kallie Linder is with Jeremy Linder.
Credit: Kallie Linder/Jeremy Linder.

I came across these two posts recently “Livestock kids don’t get it they just put their animals in the slaughter truck at the end of fair…” (pictured) and Teen and his cow lose at state fair, take a nap together and win hearts of millions instead.

The disconnect is UNREAL. These wonderful children spend time with these animals and LOVE them and do a competition with them then to turn around and have to have the animals sent back to a dairy farm or even worse the slaughterhouse.

I honestly dont fucking get it. At least those cows. pigs, goats etc already at the dairy farm/slaughterhouse wont have to face the disappointment of betrayal by someone who they THOUGHT loved them.

Not the children’s fault though. I am sure it is very, very hard for them to know whats going to happen after the Fair is over and they have to give the animals back to the dairy farm or slaughterhouse.

Its just so sad that people cannot see how this makes no fucking sense. Very, very few get to stay on the farms they were brought up in and live out their lives.

The justification of this act blows my mind though. Im sorry fur babies :'(