Job Hunting Looking for Work

job hunting looking for work
Job Hunting Looking for Work

For the past 5 years or so (since 2012) I have worked from home as a House Manager and Pet Sitter, plus did some volunteer work and some side money stuff. Before that I worked 10 hour days at my corporate job in a call center doing customer service.

At the end of 2015 (around September) I decided to work graveyard at Walmart as a Cashier and Stocker, but because of some personal issues and we were moving to AZ anyway I had to quit. But I LOVED it there. I loved doing physical work since most of my jobs in the past I have been desk bound.

Now normally being the way I am, I would focus on my direct sales type businesses and increase my income that way, but being in such a funk I am and the fact that my daughter is FINALLY happy in school I feel it would be in my best interest to work again. I would make money, be able to socialize and get out of the fucking house.

So last week is when I decided to apply for work. I applied for around 11 companies (3 of which are not hiring atm)…I am crossing my fingers this week hoping to get some call backs. Going to make a list of other places I need to apply to as well.

I am not for anything in particular just to work around my daughters school schedule, I have no issues with working in fast food and in fact applied to most of them. I also reapplied at Walmart since I did enjoy working there and would like to get my job back there.

I have visited businesses wearing my job getting outfit, gave resumes, called, applied online (mostly). I have searched the Facebook Groups Job Boards, Indeed and Craigslist daily. Let me tell you, Job Hunting is exhausting.

I have no interest in a home job, I want to get OUT of the house. If I have to I will go to Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery. That company and Kirby Vacuums has always fascinated me anyway (I also know what it entails and have done my research). I thought of being a Nurse Assistant again but the requirements in a retirement state (AZ) are a lot more demanding than Utah was.

Well need to make a list of all the places I will be applying to this week and wait for some call backs.