Initially I wasn’t going to blog about this or else I would have done so yesterday. But I changed my mind. But decided to make this short.

First, where was I that day:

“9-11 when supposed two planes crashed into the twin towers by supposed terrorists from Muslim countries. I remember that day. I was sleeping on the couch at my parents house, woke up, the news was on and I didnt and didnt understand what was going on. This 9-11 situation is a false flag from the Illuminati to push NWO agenda. But actual people did die all at the hands of a lie.”

Im a true Tin Foil hat wearer so its hard for me to believe we are at the mercy of terrorists. When the real terrorists are the people we typically would believe in the most, such as our government.

Here is a good reference to 9-11 for non-believers: 911truth.org . It has also been stated 9-11 was foretold through predictive programming in the media, which I dont doubt. Although now Im starting to think that website is a shill just like Edward Snowden.

Anyway its all lies and if you are smart, do your research. People did actually die though, Americans, Military and those of other countries. INNOCENT people. THAT is what I will never forget. But there is also an agenda at play here and being fulfilled both physically and Biblically.

Never Forget.