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I originally got a juicer (Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer) at Walmart in 2014 with my Walmart Gift Card (I believe I got for Xmas). I loved Juicing but then I really wanted a Nutribullet, so I decided to get that and give my Juicer to my cousin. Ever since then I wanted a Juicer again.

I love my Nutribullet, the problem is it BLENDS not Juices and both have different uses (I will post information below).

So I saved up from my Walmart Savings Catcher and bought another Juicer.

Im not really sure what really got me into Juicing in the first place. I do remember watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” at some point but not sure if that is what inspired me. Plus, being an ex Beachbody Coach I was around a lot of health nuts (which made myself as well).

Now I know my Juicer isnt no Breville, Vitamix or Omega but I loved this brand and it gets the job done and its affordable. Im mostly Juicing to get my health on track and take care of some issues I have such as skin care, high cholesterol, weight loss, etc. on top of eating Vegan. I want to do a combination of eating plant based, juicing, blending and fasting. I also want to eventually try Juice Plus or the alternative. I really want to increase my fruit and veggie intake.

Thanks for reading and if you are interested in getting a Juicer, I highly recommend Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer ($50) and Nutribullet for a Blender.