Im Quitting Dr. Pepper

Im quitting dr. pepper
Im quitting dr. pepper

Since Sept 1st 2017 I decided to quit drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Meat (So Im no longer a Flexitarian but a Vegetarian), but ALL soda as well since sometimes I also like Root Beer or Sprite, Coke as well. I finished up the little bit of Root Beer I had that day and quit. So idk if the first counts but to me it does and joined a FB Group “Quit Drinking Soda Support Group” to help with my progress.

Let me tell you its 100x easier to give up meat/chicken/fish than soda.

Off and on the whole week I have had cravings. I have drank everything from water, to La Croix, juice, apple juice, orange juice, lemonade, sugar iced tea I also mixed La Croix with cran-apple juice to give it a soda type taste to it. But I think my sugar free iced tea comes closest to Dr. Pepper taste IMO.

Today I had a bad sorta of day and took a sip of Dr. Pepper and thankfully I didnt like it! Me 1 Dr. Pepper 0. Yesterday though I had a bad craving hit me hard and I was googling ways to make my own healthy dr. pepper and I am not talking about with that soda machine, whats it called?? Soda Stream. I mean real homemade.

Plus the past few days not having soda the only bad side affect I had was pure bitchiness/moody from lack of soda, nothing else. But on a positive note I did inspire my mom as well to quit drinking Coke and she (that I know of) hasnt drank soda in the past few days.

This isnt my first time trying to quit though. I did in 2011/2012 and lost weight doing so as well. I used to drink 12 pack cans of soda over 10 years ago, then I went to 2 Liters, so I cut back a lot from what I used to drink. But now I think its time to officially cut it out of my life.

I remember first drinking Dr. Pepper as a kid when I was still in Las Vegas, NV (around 10 years old maybe or younger?) when trying my moms friends Dr. Pepper. After that I was hooked.

Im on a mission to eliminate all the bad things but in baby steps. Right now first Soda and Meat/Chicken/Fish, then Dairy and Sugar is next. I already dont drink cow milk or eat yogurts, so that will probably be easy too, the sugar elimination like the Dr. Pepper might be a little difficult though. So I will be at least a Junk Food Vegan, then I want to add more plant based, working on my recipes now with

Anyway just a little update 🙂 I will post my progress again in a couple of months…