My Potato Plant

my potato plant
my potato plant

A couple of weeks ago my mom and decided to start a garden, so we made a spot in the yard with a good direction to receive a lot of sunlight, well reading up on it, the best time to grow a garden is in the Spring time (DUH!) but I decided for kicks to put one of my Russet potatoes out there, since potatoes seem to sprout whenever and wherever they want!

Well after planting it and watering it I decided to add some of my Garden Miracle that I bought from my Basic Reset business. I bought it because I have to really believe and use a product I promote (Product of the Product) and it was only $10 and non-toxic.

Well a week later (today 9/22/17) I come back and BAM! Its grown ALOT! 😀

Today also happens to be the First Day of Fall. Go figure. :p