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I first began JackiesRamblings on February 2nd 2008 on Blogger. I do and did just decided to blog about whatever I wanted or had an opinion about. So, after having my blog for over 3 years I decided to take it seriously and get a host (HostGator) and move to WordPress in September 2011. I also imported all my posts from Blogger as well.

In 2011/2012 I also went to Fiverr and had an anime left and then I used the anime and went to Fiverr again and had a WordPress header made. Plus had my own Favicon created. After that I felt like my blog truly became official 🙂

One year I decided to blog every single day for the entire year even if it was just memes. I also wanted to earn income from it and then later changed my mind and decided this will just stay my “Personal Entertainment Blog”

This past year I have felt like I was overdue for a branding and theme change for I was looking on Fiverr and I checked out some graphic designers, which prices ranged from $50 to $500 depending on where you looked. Finally decided on taking an old anime I had made on Fiverr and just creating a new branded wordpress header myself 🙂 I like it and feel like it really represents me. I just used the anime and Microsoft Paint and Ta Da! Then I found a nice free theme on WordPress and now this is the one I am using.

And IDGAF if people dont like it. Its MY Blog 😀 Now here is the final look on the left.

Anyway here are some link info about JR.

Happy 8th Blogiversary