What I Believe….

What I Believe

what i believe
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With all the chaos going on in the world, I felt compelled to write a blog post about what I believe in, if you are offended IDC. This is how I feel and my blog to express how I feel about anything I please, if you dont like it, go get a blog and express yourself.

  1.  First and foremost, I believe in GOD, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible.
  2.  I believe we are meant to live here on Earth once Armageddon comes. Heaven was never meant for us, just for the few.
  3.  I believe we are all equal and one group is not better than another. Not race, sex, religion, etc…I also believe that a fast food worker should be treated the same as a business person. I believe men and women compliment each other.
  4. I believe there are forces on Earth trying to divide us by race, sex, status etc…Illuminati, the devil etc…
  5.  I believe in a lot of Conspiracy Theories. Not all of them but most of them. For example,  I really dont believe dinosaurs actually existed, still looking into the Earth is flat, chemtrails, gov’t Kennedy assignation, man made diseases such as cancer or aids etc…List goes on forever…
  6. I am Pro Life and I dont believe animal suffering to have a meal. I believe All Lives Matter. Just tonight I saw a baby chicks get grind up and I balled for 5 minutes straight. How is that even OK?? :'( In case you dont understand what that means, it means Im aspiring for Vegan. I also dont think its ok for kids/families/people in other countries to get blown up over a cover up from the government. We honestly live in a fucked up planet and if you think all of this is done for legitimate reasons then you are brainwashed.
  7. I am also Pro Gun, because no fucking way in hell I am going to let the government fool me into taking away my rights.
  8. I dont believe in Isis – scare tactic. See conspiracy theories post.
  9. I dont believe in all these mass shootings. See conspiracy theories. Check YouTube.
  10. Because of the Bible and documentation I dont believe we should celebrate holidays as they are pagan holidays.
  11. I dont believe in same sex marriage. I am not one to judge, I was in a same sex relationship a few years ago.

To be continued….