Eminem Now Back But Helping Push the Illuminati Agenda with Anti-Trump Message

10.10.2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards

I grew up with Eminem, I love/loved Eminem, some of my favorite music of his is Without Me and Lose Yourself, plus he reminds me of my brother (same look).

His new aged look, Im not really a fan personally, but whatever. The beard and mustache just make him look weird.

I am not Pro Trump though neither. The election is rigged and its goal is to push the Illuminati Agenda of New World Order, the same unfortunately with Eminems role. Sadly, they are both puppets doing their jobs to turn society against each other.

I have noticed since Trump has been in office, the narrative from everywhere (media, celebrities etc) is to hate on Trump. Its so weird because I dont think Ive seen that much deep hate even when Obama was in office. I think the agenda is to push out Trump and have everyone come together in unity under the New World Order.

Anyway so the media story is Trump posted this is the “Calm before the Storm” and when the media asked what he meant he just said you’ll see. Then Eminem comes out at the 2017 Bet Hip-Hop Awards with a freestyle rap. Some believe that Trump is going to cause a nuclear war with North Korea or a war at least, but if you look at Eminems lyrics he says nuclear war.

All I ask is yall just wake up or stay awake…because things are only going to get stranger from here because Truth is Stranger than Fiction.