Just a Couple of Quick Updates

My cat Baby and me 09.16.17

So I was going through some bloggers posts about Frugality, it all started with me catching this article on Facebook about many ways people living poor so I started googling frugal and poor living (two different things that is just how I googled it) anyway and I read some of the posts (more about being frugal this time) and I realized I should maybe be more involved personally in my personal blog DUH right?And how frugal I personally am.

First, about my blog…I typically blog about what interests me, mostly with whats going on in the world, not so much directly. So, Im thinking I should. So I think I will start and be one of THOSE bloggers (some refer to them as Mommy bloggers sometimes) . So instead of updates every quarter, do updates all the time of whats going on in my life, not really personal stuff exactly but more personal then what it has been.

Ive had this blog since 2008 and of course it has evolved a lot and I love it dearly. This past year I tried to do a separate business blog and a branding blog and a couple of days ago I decided to move everything from those blogs here, just like I have done in the past.

I also make no income from this blog. I tried of course in the past, to clean it up, fix the SEO etc…but then gave up and moved onto something else. My new goals for this blog and its youtube channel is to have all my business, personal, etc anything that makes me happy all rolled into two platforms – one writing and one video. They will not be perfect nor ever have. My grammar sucks and IDGAF. I also dont edit my videos. You get what you get. Dont like it dont read or watch. I blog for me and anyone who wants to listen. Yes, I did shut off the comments, I may enable them again in the future idk.

The picture on the left of course you see is of me and my cat taken in September (this year). The funny part is I am wearing that same exact shirt I am wearing now. Whats even more funny is my mom was wearing the exact same shirt as well when she got home.

After I moved from UT to AZ, the process of moving really blew me away because I had so much JUNK and CRAP. It was so crazy and overwhelming. I decided after I moved to AZ I would like to live more like a minimalist.

As far as the frugal life, I have been frugal and minimalist (now) for quite some time and here are things I practice regularly:

  1. I buy clothes from the Thrift Store if I decide I need some (and I donate at the same time) and I give myself a budget of $10 and that $10 budget goes for anywhere really, such as The Dollar Tree, Kohls, Ross, etc and I only really buy something if I need it. For example, I really needed a new small frying pan and TJ Maxx just opened up and I wanted to check out the store and purchased it there. (Personally dont really enjoy shopping in those stores that much anymore).
  2. I mostly grocery shop at Walmart (SHOCK!!) I know people hate Walmart, I love it and I worked there briefly and they were great. I do go to Safeway and Frys though when I cannot find other vegan items but surprise Walmart carries them too.
  3. Im in the process of starting my own garden. My potato plant is growing fabulously but I wont be able to do much more till next Spring.
  4. I keep a budget of $50 a week on food. Its just my daughter and myself mostly so its easy to manage.
  5. The only thing my daughter and I really like to splurge on is going out to eat. Food is life LOL! (we joke) We like to try different restaurants and such, but I still budget within that as well. 
  6. Our entertainment is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle. We rarely go to the movies ever. I think the last two movies we ever saw were Kung Fu Panda 3 and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. I would however like to get more involved in the town festivities, which seem to happen every couple of months.
  7. Im very fortunate that as a house manager & pet sitter my housing and car situation are taken care of, especially for being a single mom and was able to work from home in since 2012.


Well that is all the tips I have for now. Im getting hungry. Stay tuned for more personal updates 🙂