Lindsay described it best Nutrition Elitism Among Fellow Plant Based Eaters and Vegans

Credit: Madeleine Price Ball

Lindsay described it best Nutrition Elitism Among Fellow Plant Based Eaters and Vegans – First of all, this is my second time in 3 years going Vegan. I decided to go Vegan when I saw how badly the factory farming industry was treating animals. Plus the many other health and environmental benefits to going vegan.

But I am a work in progress. The picture on the left is the basic vegan food pyramid, but honestly there are so many different ways to be vegan so there are many more different types of food pyramids. Im really only aware of maybe 3-4 different types of ways vegans eat. Raw, Plant Based, Whole Food Plant Based and Junk Food Vegan (Im currently junk food vegan).

So I eat processed vegan foods, gmos, etc…until I can streamline my own healthy eating plan. This is not unusual because I too did it when I ate meat and dairy! (for those reading who eat meat and dairy).

Anyway, the point of this blog post is there is a lot of superiority and shaming to those with their PERFECT organic, non-gmo, non-pesticides, homemade, whole food plant based diets against those who are transitioning, or even choose to eat that kind of vegan food. Its wrong, TOTALLY wrong to disrespect others on their own path. Funny some even claim though clean eating is useless (I beg to differ).

Personally, my plan is to get there, just not right now. I know who I am and what I need. My goal right now is to make sure I have enough easy meals to make when I dont feel like cooking, because that is why I fell off the wagon before. I was bored because I was eating the same things over and over again, so this time I decided I will make sure I try easy new meals every week. Even HOMEMADE. Shocking right?

This past week I attempted to make this awesome vegan nacho cheese sauce (linked is the correct one) and I failed miserably! There was a variation of the cheese sauce and I just made the wrong one. I also failed my BBQ marinated tofu. IT was VERY disappointing. 🙁 It was going to be talked about for years. :p Now I need to reread up on how to make crispy tofu and use the right variation of the vegan nacho cheese sauce. My point though it was homemade! Not organic or gmo free, but I am taking baby steps dammit! I would rather take my time then eat or drink from another poor animal again.

When shaming happens to others as well Im like OMG!! Me, IM JUST SO HAPPY people are switching!! Or at least adding more fruits and veggies in their lives! If you keep criticizing it can blow up in your face and give the person transition a negative outlook being vegan and go back to meat and dairy!

I remember my first vegan haul in 2014. I thought I bought the right everything and was excited. Then was told some of my stuff contained milk and maybe insulted a couple of times. Im like how am I supposed to know Im new at this you know? This is your path, your journey, about your health and well being. If you fuck up, it happens. Just stay on the path, because its so rewarding.

I may eat crappy vegan food but knowing no one was harmed just overall makes me a more happier person. This is my journey, not yours, stay in your own lane. 😉