Bitcoin The New Generation of Currency

Bitcoin The New Generation of Currency
Bitcoin The New Generation of Currency

Bitcoin The New Generation of Currency – Right now in my social media everyone is going crazy with Bitcoin craze – either saying invest or dont buy bitcoin, the bubble is going to burst!

Bitcoin Tops $10,000 for first time, as Bubble Warnings Multiply

First, BTC was not put here by accident (get ready for tin foil hat talk!) if you observe the recent news our economy is heading towards a cashless society and guess what we are going to be using as currency? BINGO! 😉 I thought you might catch on.

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Walmart Launches Mobile Payment in Stores

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I leave you guys example articles because you might no believe me and dont want to just google it yourself. 😀

Anyway, I dont know the first thing about digital currency. Although I did recently open up a Bitcoin wallet because I do want to get my hands on my own digital currency before it becomes a “thing” which it looks like it has already.

Trust me, BTC is not going anywhere and it is not here by accident. I like right now it is not regulated but so does the black market, but this is how it starts. Just play the game because eventually this is what we will be using. I say play the game because this is what the shadow government is using its agenda to move us to.

I do however recommend in getting educated in Bitcoin and if you can use your loose money (that is not for bills or rent!) and put a little towards BTC. I will be doing both of those soon. But its up to you. Its your life. This is my blog and my opinion. If you dont like it then GTFO. LOL! 😉 😀