November 2017 Update

I almost forgot I was due for an actual update. Not much really has been going on though, so its kind of pointless. I can tell you, I am rarely on Facebook anymore and you will most likely find me here, here and here.

I finally started updating my business website. Keeping it very simple. Unsure of the job thing though. Honestly, dont know what the hell Im doing. Maybe I have a high functioning depression idk.

I went to Petco this past week to get my chihuahuas nails trimmed and I saw the kitties to be adopted just begging for love and attention. So I text the organizer of the organization about volunteering to give them love and she said yes :D. There is this one cat named Squishy who I wish I could adopt. Sweet baby.

Looks like my life is going to be filled with doctors appointments again between Liz and myself. My daughters Pediatrician is no longer at the place where we were going and my new NP is okay. But I guess if we get the appointments and such we need it will work for now.

Thanksgiving is next week. Used to love it and now Im not even fond of it. So just going to eat the sides and treat it like a normal day. Thanksgiving post will published regarding the day in itself on the day of Thanksgiving. I love the idea of eating mashed potatoes, roll, stuffing and cranberry sauce on a fork though, makes me drool. But I do realize I can probably have it year round as well.

December I would like to get my ass in gear and ready for the new year.

Have a great new year.