My New Home Business BestEasyWork

My New Home Business BestEasyWork
My New Home Business BestEasyWork

My New Home Business BestEasyWork – I havent been excited about a business in a long time. I stepped away from business again 5 months ago. Then I was going to come back promoting the same business but just was not feeling it. Both the company and admin are great and I will now be inactively promoting it but something that I will not be focusing on.

First, before I stepped back my friend was promoting this business. At first I didnt understand it but I bookmarked it for later (out of curiosity) . Just a couple of days ago I was cleaning out my bookmarks and stumbled upon her link again. So I entered in my name and email and looked around the website. Around that same time she messaged me about it on Facebook and I asked her some questions and how people are doing in the company and the rest is history. 😀

Then I REALLY looked at it. I was amazed. I also saw some similarities to Enviralizer that liked. Such as NO monthly fees, Available Worldwide, No Trial Offers, the only difference is its FREE to join (Enviralizer $25) and it Pays DAILY (Enviralizer Pays Weekly).

Now you’re wondering how do you get paid off a FREE Member? Easy, you get paid from the Upgraded Members. As a Free Member getting paid from a Paid Member you only make $25 a sale and you do NOT get to keep your team. 

My New Home Business BestEasyWork
My New Home Business BestEasyWork

From the Website FAQs:

“Q: What Is The Difference Between A FREE vs PAID Member?
A: A FREE Member Does Not Build A Team And Only Collects $25 From Paid Members They Find While The Remaining Total Commissions Rolls Up To Their Sponsor Or Admin. When A FREE Member Finds A New Member, The New Member Also Rolls Up To The Sponsor’s Team. PAID Members Enjoy Faster Success Because They Easily Build A Team.

The Compensation based on the Level You Join:

My New Home Business BestEasyWork
My New Home Business BestEasyWork

More on BEW in the FAQs on the website:

Q: How Long Has BestEasyWork Been Around?

A: The Owner Started His Venture In The Late Mid 90s With Much Unforeseen Failure To Experience. Just When He Was About To Give Up, After Attempting Several Different Online Opportunities, The Owner Realized That The Best Option Was To Create Something New From All That He Had Learned. In Feb 2016, He Started And Was Manually Replicating Sites. In March, 2016 The System Was Copyrighted. Then Later In July 2016, He Had To Change Servers For A More Advanced Automated System That Would Handle The Response. At That Time, The BestEasyWork Name Surfaced. The Site Has Improved A Great Deal From It’s Humble Beginnings.
Q: Where Did The Concept Come From?
A: The Owner Is An Insurance Agent Limited To A Radius Of 50 to 100 Miles To Sell Services Or Products. Realizing The Power Of The Internet To Reach A Larger Audience Was The Key Ingredient Towards Implementing The Site. Many Ideas Have Been Combined Within The Site For An Excellent Presentation Strategy.


Q: What Is The Product Or Service?

A: For Any Home Based Business To Be Legal You Must Have Products Or Services. Otherwise It Is A Pyramid Scheme, Pay To Play, Or A GIFTING Plan, ALL Are Illegal! We Offer A Website With FREE Hosting For Life, Marketing Resources, Optional Discount Dental Plans, Complimentary $200 Gift Cards For Hotels, IBOs (Independent Business Owners) Have Access To Car Rentals, Airline Travel, Restaurant, & Online Shopping Discounts To Equate Or Exceed Your Membership Level, Digital Marketing Tools, And Customer Service To Handle Your Incoming Calls, So You Never Have To Speak With Anyone, (Value = Priceless)!


1. Click

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter in your Name, BEST Email and Phone and you will receive an email that you signed up with, with your replicated website with your personal link.

3. AFTER you have joined under my link, request Entry to the Team Facebook Group.


You will receive a replicated website with your personal link like this —> (with your desired username). Plus you will have a free backoffice with Training.


  1. You Login (with your chosen username and password)

2. Click on Upgrade, then mail your money order shown below and your desired level to Upgrade after you submit your agreement.

Q: How Do I Get Paid?
A: BestEasyWork LLC Will Do Next Business Day Direct Deposits To Your Personal Checking Or Savings Account Or Mail Out Business Checks To The Address You Provided. BEW Will Not Deposit To Business Accounts.
Q: When Do I Get Paid?
A: When A Member Pays, YOU Get Paid.
Q: How Come There Are NO Refunds?
A: New Members Receive An Instant Automated Website With Training And Support To Review BEFORE Making A Buying Decision And Commissions Are Released Immediately With No Chance Of Recovery. Our Refund Policy Simultaneously Protects The Integrity Of BEW And Our Sponsors.
Q: Do I Have To Pay Taxes?
A: Earning More Than $600 Per Year, Requires Reporting To The IRS. We Highly Suggest To Pay Your Taxes And Contact Your Tax Advisor.

Is there Training? Yes, BEW DOES offer Marketing Training for newbies and those not so skilled in the online and offline marketing. The IMPORTANCE THOUGH when Marketing is (also in the backoffice) “

The Keys to making money by posting ads:

You must be consistent, be patient, even if you do not see results your first few days, KEEP POSTING because your consistency will definitely PAY OFF!

People buy after 2 to 7 exposures, Repetition is extremely important.
IF your ad is not working TWEAK it, make sure to stand out from the rest!

So take advantage of this opportunity where you can join for FREE and make $25 payments from Paid Members with the option to upgrade later and make even more money and build a team. 😀