Trisha Paytas More than just a Youtube Star

trisha paytas more than just a youtube star
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Trisha Paytas More than just a Youtube Star – It has been a LONG time since I have been fascinated by any type of celebrity and by accident I learned about Trisha Paytas while watching another favorite Youtuber of mine Timmy Timato when he mentioned her one day in his video so I ran and looked her up. I have been hooked since.

Trisha Paytas More than just a Youtube Star – Trisha Paytas did everything most little girls wanted to do growing up – become the blonde bombshells with money like Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson Lee, Marilyn Monroe etc. Growing up I was especially fond of Anna Nicole Smith and Trisha Paytas reminds me of her in this generation. But Trisha Paytas is also in a class of her own.

Trisha Paytas More than just a Youtube Star -This past December my daughter and I have been binge watching BOTH her main channel and her Vlog channel.  I also follow her Twitter and Instagram and my curiosity got the best of me and I subscribed to her Patreon. We are truly enchanted by her. We feel she is most down to her earth on her Vlog channel and just in general compared to her adversaries.

Trisha Paytas More than just a Youtube Star – Shes known for BBC Celebrity Big Brother, crying on her kitchen floor and is the Queen of Mukbangs. I think my favorite are her Mukbangs as that is where I have grown to like her. I love how she orders at least 2-3 Post Mates at a time. She also has her own pop albums which remind of Britney Spears, whom I loved growing up as well. I also love the fact that she has the means to live life how she wants.

Shes also known for trolling which amuses me but the only time I was actually offended was by her Jesus Bop song. But obviously I still watch. Trisha Paytas is not only down to earth but like my bright daughter stated Trisha Paytas is very self aware unlike some youtubers who live in denial most of the time. She has also inspired me to do more for my youtube channels (personal and business) and to take better care of myself.

Some people think shes a train wreck and the cause of her own mishaps with her relationships but dont we all have problems? Nobodys perfect. I just wish she wasnt so needy when it came to men. My only advice for Trisha do you and the right man will come along.

WE LOVE YOU TRISHA! Feel better and rock your vacation <3