Upside Down Christmas Trees are Trending

upside down christmas trees are trending
upside down christmas trees are trending

Upside Down Christmas Trees are Trending – So this trending and Ive heard various reasons why it is. Some I heard because for Anti-Christian (ironically Christmas isnt Christian at all lol), I heard for standing against the establishment (like the NFL kneeling vs standing) or someone stated its Anti-American (insert eye roll here)Β  and according to Cosmopolitan because its been a pretty weird or fucked up year 2017.Β  According to The Spruce Upside Down Christmas Trees are actually an Eastern tradition.

Personally, I just think its silly. But I have no desire to celebrate Christmas nor the Christmas tree once I found out its origin. I think even before I discovered what it really was I was disgusted by Christmas because of all the commercialism involved.

Which is related to Pagan worship and nothing to do with Jesus or God. Mostly to confuse and distract the masses from actual Biblical truth. But society blindly follows it or makes up their own tradition for Christmas if they are Atheists or Pagans (assuming here).

We are NOT supposed to celebrate holidays at all and def not supposed to create symbols or idols of GOD or Jesus.

Matthew 15:3 – ” He answered them, β€œAnd why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?”

Leviticus 26:1 – “You are not to make worthless idols, images, or pillars for yourselves, nor set up for yourselves carved images to bow down to them in the land, because I am the LORD your God.”

I love crosses and cross necklaces because it reminds me of GOD but it says so NO in the Bible so I abstain from using them any longer. :/

But I totally get Christmas and the Christmas spirit it is really fun and heart warming with all the activities and everything, I also understand its a way for people to show their love for GOD and Jesus.

idk I guess I have become more cynical these past few years and discovering the truth just makes me want to dig deeper. Im a true Conspiracy Theorist Tin Foil Hat Wearer lol. πŸ˜€

Enjoy your holiday πŸ™‚ however you celebrate or NOT celebrate it πŸ˜€