Staycation 2017

Staycation 2017 Every year my daughter and I take an annual staycation at a local hotel. The only difference is this year we were able to take a 2 day staycation. 😀 We ended up staying at Days Inn (more…)

Staycation 2015

staycation 2015 We havent had a staycation since 2013. I think they are a great way to get away when you can necessarily get away. (more…)

Staycation 2013

As usual, if you have seen from my previous blog posts, Liz and I take a Staycation every year. This year was truly different than our last 3 years. The big difference was it was not in the same hotel, (more…)

Staycation 2012

Every year, since 2010 my daughter and I have been taking staycations at the Holiday Inn Express. We love them. Its a good way to get away without actually having to get away. We always go to the snack (more…)

Staycations – I LOVE THEM! : D

Guess what I am doing this moment? Taking a staycation at a local hotel in my area. WHY? Well, why not? Its always nice to get away, this is my second year doing this, although I do think I will need (more…)

Favorite Posts

Yes, here are my personal favorite posts that I have done in the past and present in random order: Car Exploding on Freeway Welcome to the ER My Experience Giving Birth to Elizabeth in Mexico (more…)

My 2015 Year In Review

After having no more clients in December 2014 and not volunteering at the hospital anymore I just stayed home (more…)

My 2013 Year in Review

Tally June 1997- Jan 2013 Dyed my hair Black Annual Staycation Reunited with C

Xmas is over

Now Im sure yall remember my posts about Xmas, I dont believe in it, Christ wasnt born on Xmas and its a Pagan holiday. But my family still celebrated for the sake of my daughter, who KNOWS that Santa (more…)