About JackiesRamblings.com

animejr What is JackiesRamblings.com blog about?

Basically just like the tagline states “My Opinion and Random things I like to Talk About” Kind of self-explanatory.

I blog from anything from the latest election to what  brand of toilet paper I use and review why I think that latest fast food item sucks or is delicious.

Whats the niche? There is no niche. IM the niche. But if you HAD to LABEL it I would call it an Entertainment Blog.

WHY Do you Blog? Because I love it, I enjoy it, I have been doing it since I was a teen back when they were online journals. I like to express myself in writing. Still trying to decide if I identify myself as a writer, although in high school I liked to write song lyrics but my grammar sucks and I embrace it. I can spell pretty good though, Im in love with run on sentences. I think this is what I was meant to do, Im an Entrepreneur as well and blogging sort of fits in there depending on how you look at it.

Do you make money Blogging? Not yet but I do offer advertising, plus links on the right hand side to check out as since I mentioned above I am a Entrepreneur and please read my disclaimer. <—– run on sentence 😉

When was JackiesRamblings.com created? February 2nd 2008 on Blogger, then in 2011 moved to self-hosted wordpress on Hostgator.

If you are interested in doing Guest Posts, have me Interview you, or review your Product or QUESTIONS email me at jackiebizonline @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)