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I am a Single Mom, Pro-Life, Truth Seeker, Freedom Fighter, Pro-Gun,  Aspiring Christian & Vegan, Animal lover/Activist, Blogger and Entrepreneur. I enjoy food, traveling, working out, trying new things and expressing myself.

I was born and raised for 14 years in Las Vegas, before moving to Utah in my early teens with my family. We got our first family computer when I was 16 years old and boy let me tell you that opened up a lot of doors for me. A LOT of opportunity rolled my way! I LOVED IT and still do! When I was growing up I wanted to model, went to an agency that just wanted thousands to do “training” and “modeling classes” but discovered online that through a social media site I could meet up with local photographers and do test shoots. And I did it and my parents chaperoned. I also around the same time learned HTML coding and built my first websites.

Fast forward a little bit…when I was 18 years old, I first discovered what being an Entrepreneur was about. And then I fell in LOVE! I joined my first two network marketing companies – AVON and Big Planet. Plus, on top of that down the line, I had promoted a 900# and earned my first check. But then, I also graduated High School in 2000, did my first and last pageant for Miss Wasatch and got married. Things were kind of crazy and my mind was not on promoting my business. After 9/11 my husband and I decided to move to Mexico. We opened up our own store and let me tell you, owning a store is so boring lol!

So fast forward again. I moved back to USA with my daughter who was 2 months old (she was born in Mexico). Then I came back and went to Job Corps, took Business Technologies. Then started working in Customer Service. Joined a slew of MLMs.

I first started Blogging when I was a teen, back then, it was called “Online Journal” and have always loved Blogging! I had some blogs off and on, but in 2008, I decided to start a simple fun blog on blogspot. I would blog about anything (and still do!). But when my Blog post on IHOP’s Chicken and Waffle review when #1 on GOOGLE I KNEW that I had hit onto something! So decided to move my blog to wordpress (again, previous blog was on wordpress but blogspot is more simplified) and started promoting it heavily and now here I am!

I have 5+ years at my Corporate Job as a Customer Service rep, Single Mom, Working on my Businesses and experienced Blogger 😉 **UPDATE**Changed my work status from full time worker to Free agent and loving it! READ HERE

*Starting working at home in March 2012 as a House Manager & Pet Sitter, became a Trained as a Nurse Assistant in April 2014 and now still a house manager and pet sitter.


Blog Anniversary: February 2nd 2008
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