Subliminal CDs – THEY WORK!!

I first learned about Subliminals in high school, in Speech class. They were saying how subliminal messages were in Disney movies, they then showed us Aladdin as an example. And boy you could catch it (more…)

Liz Loves Hannah Montana








Today I wanted to talk about Hannah Montana! Yes, why? Because my daughter simply adores her! A few years ago on her Birthday (more…)


Today, I am going to talk about death. 🙁 I am so blessed to not have experienced it as much as have but when I do boy is it painful!

Growing up, I have had two animals pass away, which upset me enough (more…)

Kate Gosselin – Kate Plus 8 Cancelled

Yes, that is right, poor ratings has cancelled Kate Gosselin 8+ year run on TLC formally Jon & Kate Plus 8, now Kate Plus 8. I read in People that she is devastated and so are the kids and would like (more…)

Facebook vs Google Plus (Google +)

So as per the new recent Facebook updates EARLY is because of their competing with Google Plus. I don’t know why, I thought FB was fine before all the new updates and Google Plus is not that hot, I still (more…)