Happy Halloween 2012!

Halloween was great this year! Liz and I were both Mermaids – every year we are the same thing, last year we were Fairies and 2 years ago we were black cats. Liz is currently out of school (more…)

Happy Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month! : D

This year I decided to dress up as a Crazy Pink Fairy because it was my daughters idea. Naturally, every year when I am sure what to dress up as I just take the queue to dress up as whatever my daughter (more…)

I Love Pumpkin!

Yes, I LOVE Pumpkin! I love Fall too and that is another reason why I love this time of year. My favorite is Pumpkin pie. I enjoy drinking Pumpkin Spice coffee, and just this year I tried a Pumpkin ice (more…)