March 2016 Update

march 2016 update I almost forgot about my quarterly update and felt it was necessary to just do it now.

First off, Im improving my blog mucho. My SEO and traffic is getting better without depending on social media (more…)

I Dont Like Shoes and Im a Bag Whore

I Dont Like Shoes and Im a Bag Whore

I dont like shoes and im a bag whore My mom hates and despises these shoes lol! She threw a pair a way that were in similar 6 months ago. I dont buy shoes but I have shoes to function with. I have a (more…)

Death of a Loved One

death of a loved one
my daddy and me 07-11-14

Today I decided to talk about death of a loved one, which I dont do very often because its so hard to (more…)

My 1990 Toyota Camry & how it Exploded on the Freeway on the Way Home from Work

Before I begin, I would like to say I wrote this story a few years back on Squidoo, which later transitioned to Hubpages. Now I am taking back the original content that is mine because they get their knickers (more…)

January 2016 Update

medifferentthings First off, HAPPY 2016!!! I decided to use this picture on the left because, well its pretty damn cool if you ask me and I will use another before this blog post is done.

Well its now 2016 and for those (more…)

My 2015 Year In Review

After having no more clients in December 2014 and not volunteering at the hospital anymore I just stayed home (more…)

Previous New Years Eve Pictures Count Up (Countdown)

Growing Up in Las Vegas

desert hills motel
desert hills motel

I decided to write a post about Growing up in Las Vegas, NV because I was thinking about my memories and my (more…)