I Want to Change the World

i want to change the world
i want to change the world

This past year, I have really done some soul searching and made some changes. I completed a course to (more…)

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me! :D

Well today was my birthday! šŸ˜€ After I took my daughter to school I started on my birthday day! With me, myself and I. My parents are out (more…)

April 2014 Update

When I decided on a picture for my April update, initially I was going to post a pic of me in scrubs but then remembered I am well-rounded person, not just a CNA-wannabe (need to get Certified by the state (more…)

February 2014 Update

nurse jackie
nurse jackie

I’m not middle age but the last couple of weeks or maybe even the last few weeks, I have went through what I consider (more…)

My 2013 Year in Review

Well, at the very beginning of the 2013, our family dog Tally passed away. Two weeks before she passed I carried (more…)

Healthy and Wealthy 2014

1stjuiceĀ  Well to start off, I decided to start juicing this year and joined a friend’s Facebook group called “Juicing with Tyo” (linked with photo) . Trying to get into the habit of juicing everyday. I am also (more…)

Nurse Jackie?

nursejackie I touched on this last year after I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis surgery. I had been thinking about it againĀ  become a CNA or even a RN. First what made me change my mind is when (more…)

December 2013 Update

lizmehalloween2013 Well it means every quarter I update so now its time for a new update. Well it seems my September update I left off about what I was going to be for Halloween. Well pictured to the right you can see that (more…)