Shake It Up Dolls – Where are you???

First of all, I want to say this new show Disney’s Shake It Up! My daughter LOVES this show!

She taught herself how to dance with the episodes that were posted on YouTube. She really wanted to enter (more…)

Steve Jobs passed away

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. Who had recently stepped down from being CEO and retire has now passed away. Kind of surprised. I like Apple stuff but not a huge fan of it. I have your typical IPod. But (more…)

Subliminal CDs – THEY WORK!!

I first learned about Subliminals in high school, in Speech class. They were saying how subliminal messages were in Disney movies, they then showed us Aladdin as an example. And boy you could catch it (more…)

Liz Loves Hannah Montana








Today I wanted to talk about Hannah Montana! Yes, why? Because my daughter simply adores her! A few years ago on her Birthday (more…)