Today, I am going to talk about death. 🙁 I am so blessed to not have experienced it as much as have but when I do boy is it painful!

Growing up, I have had two animals pass away, which upset me enough (more…)

Kate Gosselin – Kate Plus 8 Cancelled

Yes, that is right, poor ratings has cancelled Kate Gosselin 8+ year run on TLC formally Jon & Kate Plus 8, now Kate Plus 8. I read in People that she is devastated and so are the kids and would like (more…)

Facebook vs Google Plus (Google +)

So as per the new recent Facebook updates EARLY is because of their competing with Google Plus. I don’t know why, I thought FB was fine before all the new updates and Google Plus is not that hot, I still (more…)

Two and a Half Men Premiere with Ashton Kutcher Review

OMG the beginning just blew me away! Charlie Died! I couldn’t believe it! Wow Mr. Lorre! LOL! Its kind of hard to form an opinion on the first episode. I wish I could watch it again. I will probably lol! (more…)

The Internet!

I don’t know where I would be without the internet! Seriously, that is where my life revolves, is around the www! I remember when I was 16 years old and my parents got internet access on their computer. (more…)