Going All Digital

Going All Digital

Going All Digital
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idk sometime this week, even though I was already in the process, I decided I am moving everything (more…)

Product Review: RCA 7 Voyager 2 Tablet 8GB

rca tablet review
rca tablet review

I figured I would go into more detail about the tablet I am giving away and I also decided to change the contest (more…)

September 2013 Update

mepinkdress   I know its been a while since I have last updated so going to now…last week I went on vacation to Mexico for a week and had an awesome time…I will have an update on that in a future post.

I also (more…)

Blackberry is BACK!

BlackBerry_10-L-N_series_5 BlackBerry 10 Release Date Set For January 30 (Finally)

I got my first BB phone in 2009. It was a cute little Pink Blackberry Pearl. I have service through AT&T and I have upgraded a few times (more…)


First of all, I want to say I will ALWAYS use a Blackberry. They are more dependable than other phones I have seen on the market.

Not saying that the IPhone or Android is bad but I have no desire for (more…)

Food Review: Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken salad & Wild Berry Tea

Wendy’s Natural Cut Sea Salt French Fries

Extreme Couponing

So Liz and I decided to have a fun day to celebrate our successes. Everything I wanted us to do I had a coupon for 😉 I had planned (more…)