Interview: Melissa Duncan (Battling Breast Cancer)

melissa duncan battling breast cancer
melissa duncan battling breast cancer

My next interview is about a friend of mine dealing with breast cancer, a single mom with (more…)

Death of a Loved One

death of a loved one
my daddy and me 07-11-14

Today I decided to talk about death of a loved one, which I dont do very often because its so hard to (more…)

My 1st Mammogram at 33

my 1st mammogram at 33
my 1st mammogram at 33

Now before I go into my 1st Mammogram at 33, let me give some background info on why I needed the mammogram (more…)

Toothache from Hell…Maybe too much ibuprofen 800?

toothachereliefYes, another toothache from hell. I need two more extractions done. I refuse to do all of that fancy nonsense shit for my teeth. If I had a choice they would all be gone and I would be wearing veneers (more…)

Happy Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month! : D

This year I decided to dress up as a Crazy Pink Fairy because it was my daughters idea. Naturally, every year when I am sure what to dress up as I just take the queue to dress up as whatever my daughter (more…)