Pamela Anderson New Look!

pamela anderson new look
pamela anderson new look

idk when i was a little girl, i LOVED to play with Barbie dolls. i loved to dress them up and turn them (more…)

Review Madonna’s Truth or Dare Perfume

Madonna effin rocks! In high school is when I first learned about Madonna and her music. Her first album I owned was Madonna: The Immaculate Collection. I have been a fan and adoring her ever since.

Anyway (more…)

Lets talk about Sex baby…

Hmmm where do I begin? LOL! Well, I lost my virginity when I was 18 years old to my first serious boyfriend aka Baby Daddy. In my teens though I did experiment with toys. Not that I had access to them (more…)

The Super Bowl

Well I was in the hospital sleeping during the Super Bowl, so I missed the entire game and Madonna’s performance during half time but thank goodness for DVR! I heard The Giants won and so did I! 😉 (more…)

Madonna and Lady Gaga borrowing her music and style

article: Did Lady Gaga copy Madonna? Answer: YES! Lady Gaga debuted a new song called Born this Way, this last week, which sounds almost like Madonna’s Vogue and/or Express Yourself. In the beginning (more…)