TV Show Review: Nurse Jackie (spoilers)

tv show review nurse jackie
tv show review nurse jackie

Nurse Jackie per Wikipedia

Nurse Jackie is about a Nurse living in New York City working at All (more…)

Staycation 2015

staycation 2015
staycation 2015

We havent had a staycation since 2013. I think they are a great way to get away when you can necessarily get away. (more…)

Review: Netflix

review netflix
review netflix

Ahhh Netflix I figured it was time for me to do a blog post about Netflix. Going through my Netflix account I was (more…)

TV Show Review: The Walking Dead

dd I started watching The Walking Dead when I kept seeing on my facebook newsfeed about how excited everyone was and giving play by play about the AMC’s Sunday hit show The Walking Dead. I got tired of seeing (more…)

Staycation 2013

staycation2013 As usual, if you have seen from my previous blog posts, Liz and I take a Staycation every year. This year was truly different than our last 3 years.

The big difference was it was not in the same hotel, (more…)

Staycations – I LOVE THEM! : D

Guess what I am doing this moment? Taking a staycation at a local hotel in my area. WHY? Well, why not? Its always nice to get away, this is my second year doing this, although I do think I will need (more…)