A couple of weeks ago, I saw these masks and people in them and I wondered why and what they represented when people had worn them. Well, yesterday I asked FACEBOOK the big question, just WHAT does this (more…)

Going down memory lane….my old websites and blogs

My very First Website and I learned HTML right away and now its hard for me to use website builders lol!


Not (more…)

Visalus under Scrutiny

Back in August 2011 I was a Visalus rep briefly because of the BMWs, celebrity endorsements, flashy big checks, parties and I loved their marketing! You can read about that HERE

Anyway this year, Visalus (more…)

Hello All….Its been a minute I know….

September 2012

Okay, more like a month lol! But I have been busy – getting my daughter off to school in 4th grade, started a new business and a few new blogs for business purposes. But during this (more…)

Update from Moi

I realize its been a bit since my last update so I thought I would give one tonight before my official blog post tomorrow 😉 .

Anyway My MCA Business is doing awesome! I just love it! I am so happy (more…)

Why I got into Empower Network

When I was 18 years old, I discovered I was an Entrepreneur. My first network marketing business was Big Planet. I went to my first presentation in a hotel and was just in awe of the product and put the (more…)