My January 2013 Update – REVISED

newme0113 Well Happy New Year! I realized I needed to do a regular update since we are almost in February now. Well, first I just wanted to mention that I learned 2 days before the new year I was going to be an (more…)

Interview: Tarcea Willis (Empower Network Blogger)

tarceawillis1. Tell me a little bit about you – name, where you live, family etc…?

My name is Tarcea Willis…I’m living in my hometown St.Louis, MO, where I was born in raised. Currently my family consists of (more…)

New Dec 2012 Update About Me

meredblack Hmmm, where should I begin? Well, I have only been focusing on Freebies to make some money the last 3 months, not really focusing on any other particular business at the moment. But I am trying to prepare (more…)


A couple of weeks ago, I saw these masks and people in them and I wondered why and what they represented when people had worn them. Well, yesterday I asked FACEBOOK the big question, just WHAT does this (more…)

Right on Point David Wood of Empower Network

David Wood of Empower Network

“The biggest problem that Network Marketing companies have is at the top – here are some of the things (more…)

Going down memory lane….my old websites and blogs

My very First Website and I learned HTML right away and now its hard for me to use website builders lol!


Not (more…)

Why I joined EN Empower Network AGAIN! (third time)

Why I got into Empower Network

Okay before I go into depth as is to my mixed feelings about EN PLEASE so that YOU UNDERSTAND better read the first link above. 😀

Now, let me make my points for yall (more…)