What is JackiesRamblings.com About?

Blogging-image-LinkedIn2 Honestly, Im really annoyed at the question and I guess I understand why its being asked. So yesterday I created a About JackiesRamblings.com page. Im quite proud of it really.

Im trying to monetize (more…)

To Become an Inventor

To Become an Inventor
To Become an Inventor

I remember growing up, I went to some sort of invention office, I was around 10-12 years old, I cant remember (more…)

Nurse Jackie?

nursejackie I touched on this last year after I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis surgery. I had been thinking about it again  become a CNA or even a RN. First what made me change my mind is when (more…)

Why I got into Empower Network

When I was 18 years old, I discovered I was an Entrepreneur. My first network marketing business was Big Planet. I went to my first presentation in a hotel and was just in awe of the product and put the (more…)

TV Show Review: Shark Tank

About Shark Tank

I just love this show! Its about inventors pitching their ideas, inventions, etc…to shark investors for some money and a percentage of their business.

When I was a kid, I wanted (more…)

HELLO Nurse Jackie!

Well, after my dramatic hospital experience and actually thinking about it half jokingly (for a while now). I have decided to become a CNA (Certified Personal Assistant) and possible move up to a Registered (more…)

Michelle DeBerge – Professional Empowerment Coach


I love this! Coaches for Entrepreneurs! I think that is

right up my alley! We all have blocks that prevent

entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential with

success (more…)