The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

This video couldnt have came at a more perfect time, I was going to blog on the topic of “Dumpster Diving” and this just shows you WHY it is good to do so as well as keeping our planet green with recycling (more…)

Food Review: Fry Sauce

Fry-Sauce Before I start on this actual post, my internet was giving me issues loading so I couldnt blog and I love this image I found for fry sauce and it had to placed on the right this time because with my blog (more…)

Liz Lemonade Stand

memorialdaylemonade Every week Liz had been asking to do a Lemonade Stand to make extra money and finally on Memorial Day 2013 I made one for her with the help of my parents. I went and bought Country Time Lemonade, Styrofoam (more…)