Review: Netflix

review netflix
review netflix

Ahhh Netflix I figured it was time for me to do a blog post about Netflix. Going through my Netflix account I was (more…)

President Underwood vs President Grant (spoilers)

presbannerHmm where shall I began? One day I decided to start watching some TV series because at one time they would all appear on my newsfeed on Facebook and I was tired of reading books…so I started with Greys (more…)

Nurse Jackie?

nursejackie I touched on this last year after I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis surgery. I had been thinking about it again  become a CNA or even a RN. First what made me change my mind is when (more…)

HELLO Nurse Jackie!

Well, after my dramatic hospital experience and actually thinking about it half jokingly (for a while now). I have decided to become a CNA (Certified Personal Assistant) and possible move up to a Registered (more…)

Welcome to the ER

Not sure where to begin. Well, maybe. Friday night (on the 3rd of February) after work I went to this Mexican place on my way home from work and ordered my favorite: Tripa tacos. I ate them as soon as (more…)