Happy 8th Blogiversary JackiesRamblings.com!

Happy 8th Blogiversary JackiesRamblings.com!

Happy 8th blogiversary jackiesramblings.com!
credit: cooltext.com & dreamstime.com

Today I *thought was my 8th Blogiversary (more…)

Rejection Fu*king Sucks!

Rejection Fucking Sucks

rejection fucking sucks
credit: Huffington Post

The Pleasure and Pain of Rejection

Let me first just say rejection fucking (more…)

101 Most Useful Websites

credit: techyyouth.com
credit: techyyouth.com

101 Most Useful Websites

  1. USDebtClock.org –  US National Debt
  2. FaxZero.com – send free faxes online.
  3. TimeandDate.com (more…)

JackiesRamblings.com Update

My 1990 Toyota Camry & how it Exploded on the Freeway on the Way Home from Work

Before I begin, I would like to say I wrote this story a few years back on Squidoo, which later transitioned to Hubpages. Now I am taking back the original content that is mine because they get their knickers (more…)

More FABULOUS Updates from Moi! ;)

Hello All! Time for some fabulous, fabulous updates to report regarding myself, my blog and my other adventures! : D

First, my blog has doubled in visitors between the month of July and August 2011! (more…)

So going to be moving to WordPress…

Hello Everyone! Happy Summer! So I started this blog on Saturday, February 2, 2008. I was blogging wayyyy before 2008. Because there is so much news and I like to express my opinion about what is going (more…)