Strawberry Lowfat Yogurt on the Kids Menu

IMAG7001A few days ago my daughter and I decided to go eat at IHOP, she got buttermilk pancakes and I got the kids menu after 4pm and we switch. I know crazy.

Anyway my daughter points out to me on the kids (more…)

Happy 32nd Birthday to Me! :D

Well today was my birthday! 😀 After I took my daughter to school I started on my birthday day! With me, myself and I. My parents are out (more…)

Nurse Jackie?

nursejackie I touched on this last year after I was in the hospital for my emergency appendicitis surgery. I had been thinking about it again  become a CNA or even a RN. First what made me change my mind is when (more…)

My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial Just a little background, I became an Motor Club of America Associate on June 4th 2012 and in the 6+ months of being a Rep, I never once had to use my MCA benefits. (more…)

My January 2013 Update – REVISED

newme0113 Well Happy New Year! I realized I needed to do a regular update since we are almost in February now. Well, first I just wanted to mention that I learned 2 days before the new year I was going to be an (more…)

HELLO Nurse Jackie!

Well, after my dramatic hospital experience and actually thinking about it half jokingly (for a while now). I have decided to become a CNA (Certified Personal Assistant) and possible move up to a Registered (more…)

Food Review: IHOP Chicken and Waffles

I was watching TV two days ago and I saw IHOP had a new special: Chicken and Waffles! I couldn’t believe it! I have ALWAYS wanted to try chicken and waffles and I finally have my chance! Even though (more…)