Kate Gosselin and Twins on the Today Show….Jon Gosselin Couples Therapy

kate gosselin and twins
kate gosselin and twins
Now I know Kate Gosselin is VERY ambitious and that makes her look like a fame whore, which I see nothing (more…)

Holding on to her 15 minutes of fame teen mom Farrah Abraham

1361214710_farrah-abraham-sophia-lg I kept hearing teen mom charlie sheen blah blah blah, teen mom boob job, teen mom sex tape blah blah. Finally I had to see what all the fuss was about.

Basically Farrah Abraham is a 16 and pregnant (more…)

Kate Gosselin – LOVE her!


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Kate Gosselin’s Shocking Admission: Jon and I Have Made Peace!


Yes, I do! I was also so happy to hear (more…)

Profile: Monica Lewinsky

About Monica Lewinsky

Monica was made infamous for sexual encounters with former president. Tried to reclaim her with her bag business called The Real Monica Inc. Most recently obtained a Masters (more…)

The Duggars on #20! Are you kidding me???

I just heard today by my co-worker that they are having another baby!! Are you seriously effin serious??? After her baby #19 was not well in the hospital wouldn’t that be a sign that they should stop??

I (more…)

Kate Gosselin – Kate Plus 8 Cancelled

Yes, that is right, poor ratings has cancelled Kate Gosselin 8+ year run on TLC formally Jon & Kate Plus 8, now Kate Plus 8. I read in People that she is devastated and so are the kids and would like (more…)