Leonard Dicaprio Might Win an Oscar this Year!

Last night on The Golden Globes Leonardo Dicaprio won for The Revenant which some are saying a Golden Globe win might dictate he could FINALLY win an Oscar and for the movie The Revenant.

[caption id=”attachment_7047″ (more…)

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted (spoilers)

muppets most wanted review
muppets most wanted review
My daughter loves The Muppets especially Miss Piggy so when we saw it was coming out when we went to see (more…)

Madonna and Lady Gaga borrowing her music and style

article: Did Lady Gaga copy Madonna? Answer: YES! Lady Gaga debuted a new song called Born this Way, this last week, which sounds almost like Madonna’s Vogue and/or Express Yourself. In the beginning (more…)