Liz Lemonade Stand

memorialdaylemonade Every week Liz had been asking to do a Lemonade Stand to make extra money and finally on Memorial Day 2013 I made one for her with the help of my parents. I went and bought Country Time Lemonade, Styrofoam (more…)

My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial

My First Personal MCA Testimonial Just a little background, I became an Motor Club of America Associate on June 4th 2012 and in the 6+ months of being a Rep, I never once had to use my MCA benefits. (more…)

My January 2013 Update – REVISED

newme0113 Well Happy New Year! I realized I needed to do a regular update since we are almost in February now. Well, first I just wanted to mention that I learned 2 days before the new year I was going to be an (more…)

WHY ID???? Infinity Downline RESIDUAL

New Dec 2012 Update About Me

meredblack Hmmm, where should I begin? Well, I have only been focusing on Freebies to make some money the last 3 months, not really focusing on any other particular business at the moment. But I am trying to prepare (more…)

Closed on Mondays

CLOSED on MONDAYS Fun Tee by giftdepot
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