Review: Netflix

review netflix
review netflix

Ahhh Netflix I figured it was time for me to do a blog post about Netflix. Going through my Netflix account I was (more…)

Famous Transgender Celebrities

Bruce-to-Caitlin-JennerAfter the explosion of the transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlyn Jenner I started thinking about all the cross dressing and other transgendered celebrities and there are quite a few. There is RuPaul, (more…)

TV Show Review: Walhburgers

Tonight I watched the Premiere episode of the Walhburgers with Paul, Donnie & Mark Walhberg who are business partners (more…)

TV Show Review: The Walking Dead

dd I started watching The Walking Dead when I kept seeing on my facebook newsfeed about how excited everyone was and giving play by play about the AMC’s Sunday hit show The Walking Dead. I got tired of seeing (more…)

How the Media Failed Women in 2013

There was a lot to celebrate this year for women in the media. But some things aren’t changing fast enough…
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